Thursday, April 10, 2014


that sweet tea towel is a gift from rebecca 
she also made me a red one
i really don't know where i would be without her friendship
{especially these last few months}
i finished "the goldfinch" book
thumbs down
not the book for me
i won't say more
i respect the many readers who love this book
i bought the reading chair
it fits in our bedroom perfectly
{with a quilt draped over the arm of course}
now to find a new book to sink my teeth into
how about the orchardist

is back
love love being a part of that group
thank you for the kind words about our girl getting into university
we are all over the place
where to go
which to choose
a fun but stressful time the same
 my work was chosen for the cover
here at our collective

that makes me proud
i'm kind of beaming

these plums are going to be roasted with a chicken
Spring is here with it's ups and downs
i will take it all


Becca said...

Aw, hello sweet Christina! I'm so happy you are enjoying the tea towels! I chose not to read the Goldfinch just from the reviews I've read, and now with your words here I think I made the right decision…just not for me. I am currently enjoying a book by Peter Donahue called Madison House. It's a fiction but this novel set in early Seattle was based on historical events. Lovable characters, and a familiar setting is making this one a great read for me! Let us know how you liked the Orchardist…it's one I've been considering!

Eleaca Young said...

I loved seeing your picture on Our Collective. Sooooo much fun.

I just finished reading Daddy Long Legs....never read it. Loved it. Give me more epistolary novels and I will be a happy girl. Now I am reading Longbourn.

Jeanne said...

Blessings and much love

Have a beautiful palm Sunday

Love Jeanne ^j^

Marilyn said...

Like your Goldfinch review. I briefly scanned the second half of the book and then set it down. Let us know what you read next and how you like it.
Tea towels are a delight when received from a special friend.
Plums and chicken, oh yummm!
Happy Springtime!

Donna said...

Hi! i read the Goldfinch as well and I understand your thumbs down. I would think you might like "The Book Thief" bu Markus Zusak - lovely week for you I hope!

Margie said...

Ah ha!!! I felt the same way. Won't say any more either. Remember the comment I left you when you announced you were reading it? Really enjoying your Instagram missy. Boy, you have a sweet tooth, LOL! You drive me crazy with all those pastries and such. xo

Pearl Maple said...

Happy Easter/Spring to you, really enjoy your delightful photographs and the way we bloggers share book reviews, so many pages to turn and explore.

Jennifer Richardson said...

the weather...I will take it all:)
I love the way you think.

Relyn Lawson said...

This is an AMAZING image. It makes my heart happy. I miss you, my friend.