Sunday, April 20, 2014

something about it

i was all over with this photo
i can see where my focus was going
where my intention was
something about this photo
i insist we must love what we do
i try to do that
i do hope you have had a lovely Easter day
He Has Risen
the fan is humming
the temperatures are there
the house is still
the muggy rain has arrived
i am loving the writing in the book the orchardist
thank you artifact uprising for featuring my work
i'm honored
i kind of love this day
{so much}


Caroline said...

Lovely... And what a beautiful day. He has risen. It's good. Hope you have a beautiful week! Xoxo

Eleaca Young said...

beautiful and congrats on the AU using your photo.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I will check out the orchardist
(I adore your taste)
and find your photos something I just want to dive into for a long swim, sometimes.
thank you for sharing your words,
the lovely way you see and share,
just the wholly lovely all of you,

Marilyn said...

So is the Orchardist worth reading? Not depressing?

Hope your Easter weekend was a delight.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful postings as always
Love Jeanne

Kimberly June said...

He has risen indeed!