Tuesday, September 09, 2014

l' heure bleue


The French called this time of day “l’heure bleue.” To the English it was “the gloaming.” 

The very word “gloaming” reverberates, echoes—the gloaming, the glimmer, the glitter, the glisten, the glamour—carrying in its consonants the images of houses shuttering, gardens darkening, grass-lined rivers slipping through the shadows. 

During the blue nights you think the end of day will never come. As the blue nights draw to a close (and they will, and they do) you experience an actual chill, at the moment you first notice: the blue light is going, the days are already shortening, the summer is gone.

Joan Didion, Blue Nights 


Snap said...

My favorite time of year ... moving (like me) from one season to another. Up early to watch the sun rise.
Love this image.

GailO said...

What a perfectly wonderful quote....I have always loved the word "gloaming":)

Marilyn said...

I love the blue light of twilight. Lovely, lovely photo.

Jennifer Richardson said...

Beautiful and fascinating
....thank you for sharing
the wonder:)
(it's good to see you again)

Roxanne said...

I read this book. It is one of my treasures.

Anonymous said...

Love the image and the quote. Funny I always thought of the "gloaming" hour as spooky. How much nicer to catch that last beautiful glow and embrace the warmth of a fall evening.

Kamana said...

beautiful light

gkgirl said...

this made me sigh out loud.

with happiness...