Thursday, March 06, 2014


i haven't been able to sleep well at night
some sort of wonky neck and shoulder type of strain
it hurts like hell
i am gathering a few essentials for tonight
the movie
"singing in the rain"
a few books by my bedside
hopefully i won't need any of it
i will snore a coat off paint of the wall
there's been so much inspiration online lately
so many recipes 
stories of winter
the hope of Springs arrival
although i don't watch the oscars
or much tv for that matter
i couldn't help falling in love with these words

"no matter where you're from, your dreams are valid."
lupita nyong'o


Caroline said...

Yes...our dreams are valid. Totally. I hope your neck feels better! xoxo

Elizabeth Halt said...

They really are!

May a restful + blissful sleep find you (so you can asleep as well as awake).

Marilyn said...

I pray your sleep returns and you feel refreshed in the morning.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful indeed.
I too love that quote by Lupita
I placed it on my blog
for International Women's Day
Much love and many blessings

Love Jeanne

I love all you share

kathyL said...

It must be a "Singin' in the Rain" kinda week. My 20 year old asked me to watch it with her the other night. (It's an old favorite of hers) Of course I said yes and felt warm and content inside watching it with her. I hope it does it's healing magic with you, too. Feel better. I am wishing you a deep night's sleep.

Relyn Lawson said...

I love the way you prepare. Still, I am wishing you much healing and many nights of restorative sleep.