Sunday, February 16, 2014

hello life

{a photo i put together for valentines day}
pictured is flow magazine
there is much i have missed these past few weeks
starting with my young man and his turning 19
how is it that i managed to be present for all 18 born days
be on the road for 
my mama heart kind of broke into a million tiny pieces
{believe me}
love can travel the distance
when it runs this deep
my daughter had a bonspiel 
i missed that too
you know what cut the deepest
her rock landed on the button
her team placed first
{sure did}
she called to tell me the news as soon as she got off the ice...
i cried silently holding my face away from the phone
my husband had the job interview of a lifetime
i gave him shit about how much he spent on new shoes for said interview
when he walked through the door 
the interviewer told him she loved his shoes
oh how i love this man
{you got this babe}

hello life
dinner sometimes comes out of a blue box...
 as long as you are with those you love nothing else matters

it's good to be


Audra said...

You had me at "hello life"! Oh this is a beautiful post. Christina you got me all teary eyed on this one. And why don't my photos of mac and cheese look like this?! lol

Karen said...

The husband photo- Damn! Is that the Oval office?! lol Yep he's got this!

Jeanne said...

Big hugs I am glad you are home.
It all begins and ends with family.
Love Jeanne

Margie said...

Aw, no matter whether you are there or not, the love is felt and crosses all boundaries dear Christina.

Caroline said...

That photo of the hubs...oh yeah!! ;) Sounds like life has been good and busy... Smiling big time over here! xo

Jennifer Richardson said...

I can't tell you how glad I am
to find you here again....oh joy,
joy, joy, joy, JOY!
Your words, your images....oh this is like finding your favorite flavor of something
after it had been discontinued
and you wondered if ever coming back and then, one day, you just
mosey by because you miss it,
and, there it is!
gosh, I embarrass myself:)
But truly, I'm so glad you're here and back that I haven't even processed a thing you wrote:)
I'll be back.
Again and again.
big glad welcome back hug,

Marilyn said...

Welcome home!
You are giving your children wings, which is sometimes more difficult for the mama than for those beginning to fly. Hope the interview went well.

Becca said...

Oh…I love the photo of your man…must be the shoes…he looks sharp!