Saturday, January 18, 2014


a corner in my home
my calendar arrived from 1canoe2 and i couldn't be happier...
it's the small things in life. 


Margie said...

A perfect spot for it! I couldn't help but notice those muffins through the glass either.

Kamana said...

what a fab calendar!

Jeanne said...

It reminds me of that song by Donovan they call me mellow yellow
How lovely is all that you share

Love Jeanne

amy said...

Totally about small things!! Christina, I am so glad to see your words & images in my newsfeed once more. Blessings!

fjord girl said...

Lovely yellow- always cheers me up- beautiful corner of your house. Your blog looks lovely Christina- how are your children and homeschooling- still doing? All is well here- the kids (all)are in private school now- missing that special time together- but time is organic- go w/ the flow.
Best to you

Marilyn said...

Yes, it is the small things that can bring a smile. Love your corner of the world right there with yellow and muffins.

Relyn Lawson said...

That calendar is FABULOUS!! I'm off!